Weekday Lunch Menu

Weekday Á La Carte Lunch Menu

€22 Two Course Lunch Menu served from 12:30 - 16:30 (Tuesday - Friday)
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Main Course | Dessert


Marco Polo

Experience the tenderness of slow cooked short rib of beef with St. Tola goats cheese, coated in breadcrumbs & served on a tomato sauce.(€3 Supplement)

Marco Polo

Savour the succulent goodness of our marinated chicken on a skewer, served with a nutty satay sauce.

Marco Polo

Enjoy a zesty dip of chipotle mayo with our deliciously tender & juicy calamari.

Marco Polo

Enjoy the ultimate crunch with our golden fried wings. Served with choice of dip.

Marco Polo

Experience a fusion of flavours with our pork ribs marinated with hoisin sauce, roasted in honey & coated with BBQ sauce.

Indulgent Brie Delight

Golden crispy deep fried brie with a tangy, sweet apple & grape salsa on a bed of balsamic dressed rocket salad.

Marco Polo

Treat your taste buds to a wholesome homemade recipe crafted with the freshest ingredients and served with a side of crusty sourdough bread.

Marco Polo Restaurant

Revel in the classic Italian flavours of our marinated vine tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto and toasted sourdough.

Marco Polo

Bite into the perfect combination of risotto rice and mozzarella, coated with breadcrumbs, accompanied by pomodoro sauce, rocket, basil & parmesan.

Vegan Cauliflower Wings

Savour a sticky ginger & sesame sauce, served with a wedge of lime & vegan garlic aioli.

Seafood Entrée

Asian Spicy Mussels

Delight in the exotic combination of lemongrass, chilli, ginger, basil and coconut sauce. Served with sourdough bread. (€3 Supplement)

Gambas Pil Pil

Indulge in the bold flavours of tiger prawns cooked in olive oil, garlic & chilli, served with a of warm sourdough. (€3 Supplement)

Marco Polo

Tender mussels cooked in white wine, shallots, garlic, red pepper flakes and parsley. Served with sourdough bread.(€3 Supplement)


Marco Polo

Experience the crispy indulgence of traditional arancini, the rich delight of beef croquettes, and the succulent satisfaction of our scampi. Elevated by this trio of delights, tangy pomodoro, aromatic pesto and homemade tartar. (€6 Supplement)

Main Course

Chicken Caesar Salad

Bite into a generous portion of grilled fillet of chicken, baby gem lettuce, aged parmesan, pancetta, herbed croutons & caesar dressing

Chinese Curry

Experience the medium heat of our classic Chinese Curry. Served with your choice of side.

Marco Polo Restaurant

Get a taste of Tex-Mex with our spicy hot platter Fajita with sour cream, salsa, guacamole & flour tortilla.

Fish & Chips

Sink your teeth into our crispy battered Hake, served with tartar sauce & mushy peas. (€3 supplement)

Fish Tacos & Chips

Enjoy the flavours of Mexico with our corn tortilla wraps, filled with battered Hake, lettuce, guacamole, chipotle mayo & pickled onions.

Half Roast Chicken

Dig into a traditional roast chicken with sage onion stuffing, served with a side of roast chicken jus & your choice of side.

Lemon Chicken

Succulent chicken breast, paired with zesty lemon cream sauce and a medley of carrots and broccoli. Served with a side of your choice.

Lightly Breaded Scampi

Succulent scampi, coated with crispy panko breadcrumbs, sprinkle of fragrant parsley, homemade tartar sauce. Served with your choice of side. (€8 supplement)

Singapore Noodles

Savour the original flavours of thin noodles stir fried with chicken, prawns, beansprouts, onions & pepper. Served with chicken skewer & satay sauce.

Steak & Chips

8oz Irish Sirloin , Served With French Fries And A Sauce Of Your Choice. (€6 Supplement). Choice of sauce.

Stir Fry

Enjoy the delicious combination of your choice of protein, fried with garlic, chilli, oyster sauce & vegetables. Served with your choice of side.

Thai Red Curry

Indulge in the exotic flavours of our coconut based medium hot curry. Served with your choice of side.

Marco Polo Restaurant

Indulge in the spiciness of our spiced chicken fillet coated in breadcrumbs, honey roasted butternut squash, pickled onions & a nutty satay sauce. Served with a side of your choice.

Fresh Pasta

Bacon & Mushroom Carbonara

Savour the classic combination of bacon & mushroom in a creamy carbonara sauce. Served with sourdough.


Indulge in the rich & full bodied flavour of our house blend of beef, lamb, pork & red wine, cooked to perfection. Served with sourdough.

Chicken Pomodoro Pasta with Pesto & Mascarpone

Savour the harmonious blend of flavours in our Pomodoro pasta with tender chicken and aromatic pesto with mascarpone. Served with sourdough.

Rich Mushroom Ragu

A rich veggie bolognaise in passata and parmesan, served with garlic bread. Served with sourdough. Vegan option available.

Gourmet Burger

Bacon & Cheese Burger

Take a bite out of our beef burger, topped with crispy bacon, cheese, lettuce, onions, tomato, gherkins & spicy sriracha mayo. Served with french fries.

Chicken Burger

Experience the flavour of our spiced & crispy chicken fillet, accompanied by lettuce, tomato, onions & chipotle mayo. Served with french fries.

Marco Polo Burger

Get a taste of the Orient with our classic beef burger topped with sautéed mushrooms, onion ring, pepper sauce & spicy sriracha mayo. Served with french fries.

Moroccan Spiced Vegan Burger

Chickpea Pattie With Tahini & Moroccan Spices, Guacamole , Rocket, Tomato & Pickled Onions In A Vegan Brioche Bun. Served with french fries. Hand formed patties hot off the grill.

Marco Polo

Sirloin Served In Cia batta Bread With Garlic Butter, Rocket, Onion Ring &Pepper Sauce.